How Trump failed in coping with coronavirus?


The immediate spread of this terrifying disease has raised fears about its impact on global growth and the overall economy. You must think about the consequences before starting a business with such a country that took so long to cover up real risks to its own people and the rest of the world. The number of deaths from Coronavirus in the USA is increasing day by day whereas hospitals are preparing for more and more patients. How the government is going to cope with the crisis. Death tolls from Coronavirus have doubled this week.

Coronavirus in united states of america

The total cases until today in the United States of America are 215,357. More than 354 cases have recorded today whereas Total deaths in the United States Of America are 5113. More than 11 deaths have recorded today in America. 8878 have recovered from the disease Coronavirus. Economists have argued that it is most probably to have a negative influence on America.

Alert: Those with underlying medical conditions, chronic health conditions are at special risk for the severe reaction of coronavirus. It is not so simple because 60% of Americans have at least one chronic health condition whereas 40% have more than one chronic health condition includes Heart disease, cancer, diabetes. It is clearly a bad time for the world and also a bad time for the relation between china and the USA. The USA condition is becoming worst day by day because the president of USA “The Trump” initially failed to analyze the seriousness of this disease and they were thinking as the next opportunity to be on the number one but unfortunately their system is at stake now.

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