Israel’s health Minister tested positive with COVID-19

COVID-19 is marking its presence in the whole world. Affected almost a million peoples in the world across the globe. From third world countries to the most developed countries it has spread everywhere. Additionally, still a vaccine is not made to cure it. Doctors and researchers are working day by day to invent a cure to this but all the struggle is still in vain. Another thing is that it goes towards the worse condition.

In a recent according to the channel of Israeli media that, Health Minister Yaakov Litzman is tested positive for the novel coronavirus. Not only him, but his wife is also tested positive with COVID-19. In a statement, the Health Ministry of Israel said the Minister and his wife both are feeling well and remain in isolation and receive extensive medical care regarding this.

In another report stated, it was said that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was also informed about the situation. Interestingly, the minister is the oldest government official having an age of 71 years. After tested positive with COVID-19, Litzman will carry out his duties from the home. The death toll in Israel raised to 31 according to the latest reports however the global death toll went over 47,000 across the world with about 9,40,000 people affected worldwide according to the statement of U.S. based John Hopkins University.

In a related development, the head of Israeli spy agency Mossad also goes in to quarantine due to having a meeting with the affected Health Minister according to the Israeli Broadcast Agency.

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Report by Anadolu Agency

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