New Jersey People Helping Medical Workers-By Providing Meals

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The people of New Jersey decided to help health care workers who are fighting with coronavirus outbreak by serving meals to them. Their efforts are called world wide nation help appreciation. While most people receive a donation from the community, we simultaneously support and stave local restaurants and make sure that first responders are well-nourished. In this hard time, doctors and health workers day and night for their country without thinking about their own family and health. We as a community or their well-wishers support them with how many parts we can take.

Bernich said that: “We as a community use Facebook as a forum for asking help for giving meals to our dedicated health care workers”. In this way, I hope we will get a lot of people who will take part in this kind act. As bernich said, after a couple of hours, the phone is blowing up and hundreds of people are ready to serve.

In a struggling time, we work as a nation and not thinking about ourselves. As doctors help people of our community, we are also going to start taking our part. This is what a brilliant idea we can do for our hospital staff.

According to the Chatham Courier-From March 30, HANDS raised more than $82,100 and paid $16,200 to Native restaurants that have delivered almost 2,400 individually packed meals.

Reported By Fox News

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