Another Victim of Corona Virus- Comedian Eddie Large dies


Eddie Large, the Comedian who has made the world to laugh dies at the Age of 78. The famous character of Little and Large comes to an end after suffering from Corona virus. His family has now reported his death with great sadness on Facebook. They said, he was suffering from a heart attack and during that time he fell victim to the Corona virus. Tears are falling from every eye, feeling his lack. Everyone who has laughed till today with his Comic characters went on crying. Eddie Large departed from this world but made a place in everyone’s hearts. He died on 02-April-2020.

Comedian’s family said they were unable to take care of Eddie in his last time because of Corona spread precautions and they were talking to him on phone on daily basis. They added what Eddie has achieved in his life they are always proud of him. No one knew the Smiling face of Eddie would leave us one day in such a way.

The Comic partner of Eddie Large, Mr. Little said it was a shocking news for him to know about Eddie’s death. He added that he was ill for a while, but when you are affected with a virus it kills you. He told BBC Radio Lancashire “We spent sixty years together. It was good to have a partner like Eddie. We were very good friends.”

The world will always remember Eddie Large as a well-known face on TV and the shining star of the stage. His real name was “Hugh McGinnis” and born on (25th June, 1941) at Glasgow but grew up in Manchester’s Moss-side. He was a very good Scottish comedian, in every respect.

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He has played many roles in British television, includes “three decades apart” TV show. He gained fame by playing a leading role in “Little and Large” with Cyril Mead. The two men started their careers through a TV show and fate opened the door for them. Then the world came to know them as Little and Large. Cyril Mead Known as Syd (Little) and Eddie as (Large). In one of his interviews, which took place in 2010, he said that they had not talked to each other for many years.

TV hosts “Ant and Dec” reacted to the news, saying that “The comedian” with whom they had recently worked has left us for eternal peace. They wrote “He just loved making people laugh”.

Eddie was also suffering from Heart and kidney problems. He suffered kidney problems in 2002 and had to be hospitalized. He underwent a heart transplant at Papworth hospital, Cambridge in 2003 at the age of 62  and was fully recovered.

Today the world feels sad for losing a person whose life was all about making people laugh. People around the globe will miss his charm and love for comedy.

Reported by BBC-NEWS



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