US Navy removes Captain Brett Crozier. But why?


“Capt Crozier leaked a four-page letter to the media” reported Mr. Modly on Thursday.

What was the letter?

The letter held words, which created the impression that the Navy was not responding to his questions. He raised a concern that the government is not on the job.

His four-page letter dated 30 March constituted an important and alarming message saying that the outbreak aboard his ship was “accelerating”. He asked for help by saying that the uninfected sailors had to be removed from the ship and isolated.

Captain Brett Crozier was continuously warning the government through his words. Due to the immediate spread of the pandemic in the ship, he suggested that the sailors should be kept isolated and that they shouldn’t leave the ship.

Reaction to the letter.

As a result Capt. was held overboard without a thorough investigation.

According to the Democratic Leaders Captain Crozier clearly went outside the chain of command. This letter by him was a destabilizing move that will likely put the government’s service members at greater risk and will jeopardize their fleet’s readiness.

Capt. was involved in the violation of Military protocols by sending the letter to a group of people, according to Modley. Furthermore, another issue that hit the Capt. was that he did not classify the email and rather sent it over non-secure and unclassified mailing method. Although the ship contained some of the most sophisticated communications and encrypted equipment in the fleet.

Where was the letter leaked?

San Francisco Chronicles is the place where the letter was first leaked and was published on Tuesday.

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Although the letter was not more than an appeal for help. Capt. asked for an immediate political solution and decisive action as the crew on the ship was facing massive outbreak of the virus. Later when tested on Thursday, 4,800 crew members came out to be positive to the virus.


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