A Nightmare in France- knife attack result 2 killed and several wounded


A knife attack in France killed two and injured five, which is declared as a terrorist attack by Interior Minister. Two of the injured are in critical condition.

Eyewitnesses said the assailant entered a smoking house in the town of Roman-sur-Isere, near Grenoble and attacked the owner and a customer. The attacker also attacked the butcher shop that was nearby and the people standing there.

French media reported that the 33-year-old attacker, who is from Sudan, has been arrested.

Prosecutor said, “the attacker was praying on his knees when he was arrested.”

News website France bleu has reported, that the man didn’t know about the police and intelligence arrival.


The motive of the attack is not yet clear, but interior minister Christophe Castaner said during his visit to the city “This morning man made a journey to terrorism”.

Mr. Castor said, “It will depend on the National Counter-Terrorism office of the Prosecutor to know whether the attacker acted alone or not.”

The Prosecutor’s office said in the statement, an initial investigation has revealed that “the attacker’s plot was a murderous course aimed at a public blast and terrorism was supposed to harm the public system”.

He said that while searching for the suspect’s house “Handwritten documents with religious connotations were found there.”

Prosecutor said, according to France Bleu “They arrested the other person on Saturday, who was living with the attacker”.

President Emmanuel Macron called the attack a traumatic incident that has already made the country more vulnerable to a trial.

He shared his views on his Twitter account as, “The victims of Roman-sur-Isere attack, the injured ones and their families are always in my thought and I share their pain.”

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Mr. Macron promised that crime would be highlighted.

France is in lockdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Due to current intense conditions, people are only allowed to buy their basic necessities.

Reported by BBC-News



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