Coming week will be the most difficult in history; Trump warns everyone to stay prepared.


On Sunday The president Trump warned the states especially New York to stay alert and aware, reported in the White House coronavirus task force briefing. According to the reports, New York and New Jersey have become the prime target of the virus.

Although the President gave hope to his citizens as well, still the chances of fatality have risen to an extreme level. While according to Anthony S. Fauci, the nation’s top infectious-diseases expert, the situation is still not under control, as the nation is still unable to produce a vaccine that works well.

Also, Fauci said and even warned the people of the U.S that if not today then tomorrow will be deadliest, the virus is spreading at a lightning speed and now, is unable to be controlled.

As per now, the U.S death rate has risen to a number of more than 9,500. This is considered triple to the death rate that occurred in the 9/11 attack. The U.S has also reached a point where they are warning people with a national alarm. The total number of known cases has surpassed 333,000. If this isn’t stopped timely, the coming days or more specifically the next 3 days will be a disaster for the U.S. And this disaster is predicted to be worse than World War II in 1941.

Many reporters and disaster experts have already named the coming week as their “Second Pearl Harbour Moment”. But unfortunately this time the effect is going to hit the whole country rather than a single state.

Also, the same virus took Britain’s prime minister, Boris Johnson to the hospital this Sunday, as he was showing persistent symptoms. It is said that history is going to repeat itself as many this week will say goodbye to their loved ones or maybe there won’t be anyone left to say goodbye at all.

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