Waitrose staff told to make up time off for Corona Virus


The worried Waitrose workers have warned that customers and staff are being put at risk during the coronavirus crisis.

The firm expects staff to recover the time they take off for sick family members. Also, Its ‘time bank’ system “will mean that some people will continue to show up for work,” putting people at risk, a concerned worker told the BBC. That Waitrose said: “Where possible we are asking Partners to time bank, however, we are being flexible about when time can be paid back.”

Self-isolating problems: The supermarket chain said that, if they are physically well enough to work, then we will explore the option of working at home in the first instance.” But few supermarket workers will work at home.

So it means while they are paid in full during the time they will take off, they are forced to pay that time. Back by working overtime for no extra salary when they return to work. Further, they have to cover the days they miss in full, up to two week’s worth of hours.

Technically unpaid: Waitrose worker, who asked to remain anonymous because of fears for their job now told the BBC: That “It means someone on a 35-hour contract would have to work an extra 70 hours if they had 2 weeks in isolation. Then they would be technically unpaid as the company would say they have already paid them for it.”

The worker also claimed that John Lewis’s staff is part of the same business, are being treated differently.

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Further, the front line “Waitrose staff” is being pressured to work back hours in order to protect the business. At least that’s what they are telling us.Why Wiatrose worry on workers issue

Further, another member of staff told the “Sunday National Newspaper.” About his biggest concern around this is that really vulnerable peoples will not self-isolate and those who need to self-isolate, due to family illness will put society as a whole at risk due to these punitory measures.”

Flexible about Pay-Back: A Waitrose spokesperson told BBC News. That we are being flexible about when the time will be paid back, including into 2021, and we understand that it is not possible for everyone. Especially where partners may need to isolate for more than one period.

Note: But nobody has been able to discover what these circumstances areas and it doesn’t appear to be up for discussion.

Worried “Waitrose” workers had warned the BBC channel that customers and staff were being put at risk during the Coronavirus crisis. Through its time bank system, which demanded the hours be recouped.



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