Who will be leading the Government meetings in replacement of Boris Johnson?

Dominic Raab to become acting PM if Boris Johnson gets ill.

Boris Johnson who is a prime minister of Britain has tested positive for COVID-19 and finally admitted to hospital late Sunday for further treatments. As the Government says he has been in isolation because of his high body temperature and hospitalization is necessary. He tested a positive a week ago and from that day, he was on isolation at his residence right next to 10 Downing street but due to his bad condition, he had admitted to the hospital on Sunday night 05/04/20 on his doctor’s advice. He got himself tested on 27th March and those tests were positive for the coronavirus.

Boris johnson

Its just precautionary measures because he did have relatable symptoms included a persistent high fever. The foreign secretory-His name is Dominic Raab will be leading the government meetings in replacements of Boris Johnson because the prime minister is going to spend his night in the hospital. He will be looking forward to running the country if due to the disease, Boris Johnson incapacitated. Some ministers were forced to appoint Michael Gove rather than Mr. Raab.

Dominic Raab

Westminister is identified as coronavirus spot where several dozens of MPs now in isolation and it is expected that parliament will shut down too soon. The Prime Minister is well but Mr Raab will take over the country if the prime minister should be unable to fulfil his duties.

German chancellor angela Markle

It is also confirmed that the cabinet meeting will be held on Tuesday as it was planned but by video call to ensure social distancing with many ministers between the PMs top team. Furthermore, German Chancellor Angela Markle mentioned publically that she too would be in isolation after her doctors’ advise of precautionary vaccination against pneumonia on Friday.

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