Why Donald Trump fired Michael Atkinson Inspector general?

Donald Trump
Michael Atkinson fired by Donald Trump

Michael Atkinson, who is an American attorney, worked for 15 years for the US (United States) department of justice. On 17 May 2018, He assumed office as the second general inspector of the intelligence community. On Friday, President Donald Trump finally fired Michael Atkinson, second inspector general of the intelligence community. Donald Trump even wrote a letter to the Senate intelligence committee on which he clearly said that Mr. Atkinson is no longer trustable and he even tells reporters outside the white house that he makes a fake report and even took it out to congress with an emergency.

According to Atkinson, he believes that Trump fired him because of his unbiased handling of a blunt complaint that will ultimately lead to President Trump’s impeachment. He even mentioned that it is very hard for him to consider the President’s loss of interest in him due to his legal obligations discharged faithfully an independent and unbiased Inspector General.

Michael atkinson fired by trump

Atkinson was the one who revealed a whistleblower complaint against Trump in September to congress. The whistleblower complaint indicates that Trump pressurized Ukraine to investigates his rivals in politics. But unfortunately, The Complaint of Atkinson under the Whistleblower law was rejected and blocked by the White house and justice department for days. Trump provided the whistleblower complaint to congress later along with the script of July 2019 call with Ukraine’s’ president that ultimately becomes key factors to question Trump for misuse of power in the House’s decisions. The senate acquired Inspector general and in return, e replied that he was legally bound to make sure that whistleblower complaint had an effective to disclose important matters that involve information classified to congressional intelligence committees.

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