How to beat Coronavirus by taking Safety Measures while Shopping??


As Coronavirus is an epidemic spreading rapidly throughout the day all over the world. Due to which people are confined to homes and avoiding non- essential activities in the name of social distancing.

To make sure people get their grocery items at their doorstep, many of the retailers and restaurants have started a service called contactless deliveries in which no one has to do any physical contact for buying and selling.

But sometimes you need to go to the grocery store to take some important grocery items which they don’t deliver online and sometimes home delivery is not an option in your area. However, what steps can you take to protect your self during shopping in a grocery store?

You should have to try these tips for shopping safety at the store amid the COVID-19-outbreak.

Shop at day time to avoid the crowd

Nowadays there is a timetable for the shops and they will only be open at that time. If it is possible for you to go for grocery at day time because at day time there is not much crowd. You should have to avoid going during busy times and also don’t go on a daily basis.

 Don’t go out without wearing a mask and gloves. While doing shopping if you see someone you know, to maintain distance and avoid hugs and shake hands.

Don’t touch anything

If you are not sure that you are going to buy that item or not so avoid touching them. If you are using a trolley, make sure you properly sanitize it before filling it with your grocery items.

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It will be the best option first read the label of that item without touching any item then if you want to get that item them you can touch and keep it with your on the trolley.

When you pick up an item, be sure not to touch your face, eyes, and nose after completing your grocery.

Don’t use cash

During this pandemic situation, you should have to avoid cash payments. Use your debit and credit card at grocery stores. It will be much safer than cash so you don’t have to pull out your wallet.

If you are going to sign a receipt, be sure to use your own pen.

Clean your products after purchasing

 When you reached home from the grocery store, you should have to wash your washable purchased items and wipe out with sanitizer that ain’t possible to wash.

Use dish soap to wash plastic, glass and metal containers, and do washing with soap and water to help eliminate any live virus that might be on the surface.

You must be sure to wash your hands after opening any containers, including cardboard boxes.

As a preliminary study, Coronavirus can survive on cardboard for up to 24 hours.

Then you’ve to put your groceries away, first wash your counters and any other surfaces you’ve touched.

Final Preventive Step

When you reach back to your home, make sure you pull off your shoes at the entrance of your home, take off your protective mask and gloves and discard them in a proper dustbin. Make sure to wash your hands properly and also sanitize the door handles you used. Change your clothes as soon as possible.

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You must have to try these tips for shopping safely at the store amid the COVID-19 outbreak.


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