How Unemployment could affect Donald Trump and 2020 elections?

How Unemployment could affect Donald Trump and 2020 elections?

Elections forecasting is solely based on projected and current trends for job growths are so bad that if history repeats itself, Donald Trump will lose badly in upcoming elections unless there is an increase in economic activities in the coming few months. The GDP(Gross Domestic Product) forecast is so literally off the scale that predicts Trump getting a negative number of votes. Unfortunately, the United States US economy is in a mental breakdown because of the current pandemic situation in the US. The records say that more than 10 million Americans have lost their jobs due to the US current situation and the country had incurred a net loss of seven Lac (700,000) jobs in march month.

UNEMPLOYMENT MEASURESIf history still holds, This downward swing because of the pandemic will wipe out all the gains that Trump has made including his popularity and also put his reelection in danger. In political science, The relationship between Donald Trumps’ fortune and the state of the economy is clear. It can be easily visible if we consider the raw data of the economy such as GDP or Unemployment rate. Or you can simply ask voters how they think about the 2020 elections.

As the coronavirus pandemic took full hold in the United States of America, The polls results that have done in Quinnipiac university show that 35% of voters think the situation is getting better whereas 28% of voters said it is getting worse.


It’s difficult to think Trump will win the 2020 elections if the economic views of citizens become much worse due to the increase in the rate of unemployment.

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However, Trump is already underperforming and views of the economy totally depend on the views of voters like how they feel about Trump as a President because of the main and basic reason that Trump was so unpopular. Let’s hope for the best.


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