A sign of Sanity: Benefits of Talking to yourself.

talking to yourself

Have you ever found yourself talking alone to yourself? Conversing with yourself is actually beneficial and a sign of good mental and physical health. I, also talk to myself a lot because sometimes, you need to give some time to your self to know who you really are. It’s not like only in the privacy of my own home but also when I’m walking down or during shopping and especially when I’m in the office, etc.

Talking to yourself

Talking to myself actually helps me in materializing what I’m thinking about. It really helps in making sense of various things going in my mind. Fur someone else I might look insane but It really helps me in improving my mental health. If you are yammering on to none, Everyone is going to think that you are a mental patient. Talking to yourself really helps in organizing your thoughts and relieving stress. You can also achieve your goals by minding your own business and becomes a best friend of yours. When you are addicted to talking to yourself, you need none to share your thoughts and your problems.

No, you are not crazy at all if you talk to yourself most of the time. In today’s world, we have thousands and millions of thoughts running through our heads all the time. If left lunchecked, our thoughts become incredibly overwhelming and gets jumbled up in our minds. It helps us in realizing that small stuff that is creating big scenarios in our mind is basically insignificant and we were making mountains out of molehills. Actually, by talking to ourselves, we can make a much better sense of the world around us.

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