Did Netflix finally bring back “Tiger King” for one more episode?

Tiger King
Did Netflix finally bring back "Tiger King" for one more episode?

The streaming giant finally announces that the eighth episode of Tiger King will be on-air, on April 12. Tiger king is the Netflix’ widely talked docuseries that is finally releasing the eighth episode on Sunday. This episode is basically aftershow that is hosted by one and only comedian Joel McHale, The one who is featured in Netflix’s legal announcement wore a themed outfit which is a hat of a cowboy and a leopard style printed shawl. In this episode, The host is going to do Brand new interview session of Rick Kirkman, John Reinke, Joshua Dial, John Finlay, Erik Cowie, Saff, and Jeff and Lauren Lowe one by one.

He also did a lot of sessions to the cast of this show just to know what did happen with them after the show and he just told everything in his video that I’m going to share with you all guys. It’s really eye-opening and quite funny. Tiger King which was released on 2020 March and story follows a group of Friends own tigers. Since it has released, The Tiger king show has become the stronghold in pop culture and also became the subject of everything from think pieces to memes.

The series was in a chronicle order Joseph Maldonado or you can say Joe Exotic, who is a keeper of big cats situated in Oklahoma who supposedly adapted a plan to kill Carole Baskin, who is a Women running a Big rescue Centre for Big cats and had Seek to shut down operations like this. The Tiger King series has gathered Unique 34 million views withing first ten days of its release alone in the United States in accordance with the measurement company Nielsen.

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