New York Using Mass Graves For Coronavirus deaths

The drone footage of the grave comes from Hart Island New York, of the Bronx in Long Island Sound, which has been used for more than 150 years by different city officials as a mass burial site for those with no next-of-kin, or families who cannot afford their own funerals. It is possible that many of the coffins are for coronavirus victims, but it is not clear whether they fall into the above categories or not. Burial operations at the site have to build up amid the pandemic from one day to a week to five days a week, according to the section of Corrections.

The number of patients increases daily there, is on the top of the number today. Workers in these outfits were seen using a ladder to descend into a huge pit where the coffins were piled up. This location is Hart Island, used for New Yorkers with no next of kin or who could not afford a funeral. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio indicated in this week that “temporary burials” might be much needed until the crisis had passed.

New York state now has most of the coronavirus cases than any other single country, according to the latest figures.

The state’s confirmed cases of COVID-19 jumped by 10,000 on Thursday to 159,937, of whom 7,000 have died. Spain has had 153,000 cases and Italy 143,000, while on the other hand China, where the virus emerged last year, has reported 82,000 cases. The US as a whole has recorded 462,000 cases and nearly 16,500 deaths. Globally there are 1.6 million cases and 95,000 deaths that are on the top of the list.

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