Trump’s new ad against Biden appears to be wildly wrong and ridiculous.


A fact not to be overlooked that this is one of the first ads of the general-election phase, which is giving us all a hint that this campaign season will be unpleasant for all sorts of reasons.

What actually Trump wanted to show was that Biden is somehow soft on China, even before considering the actual ad’s content, the courage and the level of degree Trump is falling to, should be appreciated. While the President from the Republican Party has repeatedly backed the confrontations with Beijing, starting from currency to “One China” policy even.

All this reached to such an extent in the past that even the “Trump’s self slapping” famous line became a headline in China’s state-run media

According to Gary Locke, the ad by Trump is not worth consideration even. While the ad was described as “a complete and utter mess” by the Washington Post. This single ad also revealed many other reports such as Trump’s campaign also came out to be wrong about Biden’s position on coronavirus travel restrictions while featuring a series of Biden quotes about China, though it was quite similar to Trump’s own rhetoric.

What does the ad really have?

Moreover, the ad portrays that Biden’s family has a financial interest in China’s progress, focusing on his son Hunter Biden’s work in the country. It features an audio clip in which a man states Hunter Biden “signed a billion-dollar deal with a subsidiary of the Bank of China,” and a picture of a headline saying that “Joe Biden also met with the Chinese partners.”

Although there is no solid evidence of Hunter Biden’s deal with China. While Hunter Biden did do business with Chinese partners before, his lawyer said and cleared that his private equity fund was capitalized with about $4.2 million, not the $1 billion-plus Trump has accused him of.

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