UK Air Industry needs Aid to lift Airlines back in Air


Flying companies have asked the UK government to extend help to the sector in this pandemic situation.  According to them, If the Government will help the air industry at this point and an increase in the time period of this help will save people from losing their jobs.

The transport Department state that airline companies already have to draw on from an “unequaled” government aid package.

And Greenpeace advised the UK government that they should not give a free hand in term of money aid to the Airline sectors which they claim as “polluting” sector.

Different bodies representing the UK’s aerospace industry, airlines and airports emphasize that if they don’t take action at the right time, the airline sector in Britain would be left over when the economy retrieves.

In this situation, aircraft are grounded in hundreds of numbers, airports are not operating at a large scale, which has reduced the production and revenue of aerospace industry.

But industry groups like ADS group, Airline UK and the airport Operators Association claimed that this is just the beginning of the situation which will be worst they are going to face.

The members of the groups include Airbus, BAE Systems, British Airways, Ryanair and Virgin Atlantic, said that they didn’t expect the demands on flight restoration to be recovered quickly, in which the airline workforce will not require to come for months.

The spokesperson of Department for Transport  said that the airline sector is most important to the economy of UK and chancellor Rishi Sunal  has announced “unequaled package of measure” for the companies which can produce more income, including schemes to raise capital, flexibility with tax bills, and financial support for employees.”

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He also informed about the decisions with a statement that says, “We are doing work with this sector very closely and we are looking forward with the situation of individual firms, as long as we look for the rest of the government schemes and the option of all commercial firms have been exhausted”.

The government should have to support to help employees and with this step, the economy can be lead by this situation. At this time the “aid should not be spent on bonuses, dividends, and lobbying against environmental standards.”

The spokesperson also emphasizes the air industry, “The airlines should have strategic policies for innovative initiatives where they can provide better services, competitive packages and promotions to the tax holders with whom money they will be help out in this critical situation”.


Reported by BBC-News


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