President Donald Trump’s name will appear on checks sent to millions of Americans to combat the economic effects.

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According to The Washington Post’s report of Tuesday, Trump’s name will appear on the checks now that will be sent to millions of U.S citizens to combat the economic effects of the deadly Coronavirus. This decision will not result in a delay for Americans receiving those checks, the senior administration official said.

It is been told by Two senior officials that the decision would probably set back the delivery date on the first set of paper checks. This will result in potentially slowing the process that could already take up to 20 weeks.
Although the Treasury Department denied the claim. Also, one of the department’s spokesperson assured the Post that the first batch of checks was still slated to go out next week.
The senior agency official said that Trump would appear on the left side in the memo line of the checks marking the first time a president’s written name is featured on an IRS check.
These checks will be received by those who are receiving stimulus payments. While others are receiving the payments through direct deposit if they have their bank information on file with the Treasury Department. Moreover, some of these direct deposit payments have already begun being deposited in bank accounts of the Americans.
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