World without Kim Jong Un-His Absence, A Disaster or Relief !!!

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Breaking News: The Unconfirmed reports began to circulate on social media about North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un had died. The aftermath of this news yet to be confirmed.

This is not the first time speculations have been made about his health because Mr. Kim has not attended any public meeting or interacted with the public over a stretch of a week. In 2014, rumors promoting that Kim Jong-un has been disposed of in a coup because he disappeared for more than a month.

It is expected Mr. Kim’s sudden death could create a power vacuum that would not be easily filled and it will have far-reaching implications. With KIM JONG-UN’S death, a struggle can be begun for the power of nuclear-armed North Korea and have control to attack on its neighbors in the South. According to many analysts and experts doubt about its smooth transition or it could be a power struggle where everyone is trying to grab the ring of power. It took Kim eight years to fill the power vacuum left by the death of his father, Kim Jong Il. North Korea is now considered more secure and less isolated from the world.

North Korea is known as secretive society, so any likely successor to Mr. Kim amounts to a guessing game, even for outside analysts who have spent their academic careers parsing North Korea. Experts believe his death would destabilize the region, create a massive refugee flow and force the US, South Korea and possibly other regional allies to deal with the turmoil.

A journalist ‘Joo Sung-ha’ for the South Korean newspaper Dong-A Ilbo who was a North Korean defector reported, “the health of the Kim family is the secret among secrets,”. He claimed the people as “novelists” who claim the reports.

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What to Expect if Kim’s Death News is True

A senior fellow who is Former US serviceman ‘Colonel David Maxwell’ at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies think tank said, a lack of clear succession would set chaos into motion in North Korea. He said having no clear successor could spark a regime collapse with the Kim leadership and the Workers Party of Korea unable to governor maintain military cohesion and support. He foresees “a humanitarian disaster would unfold in North Korea” and warned it would be further complicated by the coronavirus pandemic.

In a report published by Military Time, Colonel Maxwell told, “The countries include South Korea, Japan, and China who are going to deal with refugee flows at a potentially large scale”.

Retired Lieutenant General Chun from South Korea who is the former head of his nation’s special operations forces, told US Military Times there would be “chaos, human suffering, instability and bad news for everyone”.

The alliance between the USA and South Korea has a bad plan with bad assumptions. It will get us into a nuclear war.

Cheong Seong-chang, the director at the Sejong Institute’s Centre for North Korean Studies said, “It is the outside world’s wishful thinking that North Korea’s ruling system will collapse if another Kim passes away, with the broader leadership of the regime sharing the same interests with the Kim family, a prolonged leadership vacuum is highly unlikely”.

North Korea After Kim Jong Un

American and South Korean officials have held a different meeting to discuss top-secret contingency plans, including

  • What preventive measures need to be taken to prevent the North’s nuclear weapons from falling into the wrong hands.
  • If there is a war, what to do if Beijing sends troops into the North to stabilize its neighbor.
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When North Korea started its Nuclear plan it didn’t sign the Treaty bond on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) which is basically designed to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons and technology. With no Supreme Leader in the country could lead an imbalance and threshold for understanding and making the right decisions could be very rare. There is a possibility where the Units of the North Korean People’s Army are going to compete for resources and survival.

When there would be no leadership, an internal conflict among units will raise and could escalate to widespread of civil war.

In the National Interest of the state, 1.2 million military personnel can be called on by the country. International Institute for Strategic Studies claims, it can call on a reserve force of 600,000 troops and 5.9 million paramilitaries. According to the reports, the country has over 4,300 tanks, 8,600 artillery pieces, and 5,500 multiple rocket launcher systems.

Economic Impact

Jeon Kyungdae, chief investment officer at Macquarie Investment Management Korea said, If the Kim reports are accurate, “it could be negative for financial markets, as the succession plan does not seem clear under the current leader of North Korea”.

A foreign-exchange strategist, Qi Gao at Scotiabank in Singapore told, The Kim report “sparked risk aversion and boosted the risk premium of South Korean assets, which could explain why all won-denominated assets are falling”.

Jeffrey Halley, senior market analyst at Oanda Asia Pacific Pte expressed his opinion as, “The uncertainty about who succeeds him in North Korea is the great unknown,”

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Social Media

With the news of Kim Jong Un death report, social media is flooded with different opinions and hashtags related to his regime, life, and future of North Korea. Some of the comments found on social media says;

  • People are still fearing to announce him as dead officially.
  • The Kim’s Medical Staff needs asylum for not saving him.
  • The fear is over: Kim Jong Un is no more.


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