Joe Biden validated by Former First Lady Clinton for his Presidential Campaign- Are Democrats on the Right Move???

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Joe Biden is endorsed by Hillary Clinton for President’s Elections on Tuesday. Hillary Clinton is excited to run a campaign for Joe Biden in order to give a tough time to the Republican candidate.

The Former senator from New York, also secretary of state, and 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton endorsed former Vice President Joe Biden on Tuesday. The former senator from New York comes with Biden at a virtual town hall to announce her decision as of today. In this event earlier they didn’t include Clinton’s involvement, because she came there as a surprise guest but after that, they treated her as a “special guest”.

During the hall town, Clinton said that “I am excited to be part of your campaign and add my voice to those who wanted to endorse you to be our President.”

Clinton persuades, “Just think of the difference it will make to have Joe Biden as our president, If I had a president like him who listened to the science and put facts over fiction and also brought us together, showed kind of compassion and caring that we need from our president. All these qualities are related to Joe Biden and he is one of the examples that are in front of us who did all these efforts in his whole life. So we need a President who has knowledge with heart.”

She added more, After taking a shot at President Trump, as she lost the Presidency in 2016 to Donald Trump and victory to win the White House. We should have to think about it we need a real President instead of somebody who plays on TV.

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Today the  Fox News was confirmed ahead of the endorsement and the Trump campaign took aim at both Democrats.

Clinton’s pending endorsement also brought fire from Republicans. Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale said in a statement, “Trump beat her once and now he’ll beat her chosen candidate.” Also, Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton carry the baggage of decades in the Washington swamp and they make the scheme how to get the Democrat nomination from Bernie Sanders.


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