Facebook Has The Coronavirus Support Emojis Now

In this digital world where most situations lack words to explain, Emojis and Stickers do the work. Many experts are known to have the opinion that emojis are a way to communicate better online. The reason behind is that fact that online text conversations lack visual and aural cues. It can make a holistic impact in an in-person communication system. Due to such lack of visual cues many times there can be miscommunication about whether something is said in jest or in seriousness.

Emojis are a strong key component of social media communication. This is especially true for the younger user who most of the times use only emojis during a conversation. Therefore, social media platforms have to keep on with the new additions.

These days as social media is one of the main source for most of the people around the globe to stay connected and find emotional support from each other, Facebook announced that a new set of emojis are being rolled out for the Facebook and Messenger apps. They are also available for the web versions likewise. These emojis were designed for the users to show their support for each other.

Some Facebook users stated seeing the coronavirus care emojis when the initial announcement was made in a tweet by one of the executives of the social media giant. Whereas, most users have just started seeing them now along with the Facebook message on the timeline when they login.

It is still unknown that how the users will take to the new addition. Many users have again asked Facebook to get on with the thumbs down addition as well and while some are calling these emojis the equivalent of the last minute valentines gift. According to the facts, there has always been a mix reaction when a new feature is added to any tech platform, especially Facebook but at the end the majority users do find an appropriate use for it.

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