Scam Alert! Over $ 500k Made By Selling 5G Repellent Lotion Online!

Yes! You read right, a scammer made over 500 thousand Dollars by selling what he claimed to be a 5g repellent lotion. That’s right, LOTION! Apparently, He got lucky as there is a massive number of anti-5G people around the globe. Some of these people are such extremist that they even ended up burning 5G towers in the premises of their city.

In a situation where companies were frustrated about people destroying their 5G infrastructure, A guy who belonged from Seattle decided to benefit on the whole mess by by scamming the anti-5G community. He had set up an e-commerce website in January. Surprisingly, he managed to rake in over half a million dollars selling something he called 5G repellent lotion. Crazy, right? Talking of crazy have you watched the Terrifying Psychological Thrillers on Netflix Yet?

Apparently his website has costumers from around the globe before it was taken down on April 15. The scammer targeted the anti-5G groups on Facebook. Little to his surprise, it became so popular that it was being sold on Amazon by resellers who bought the lotion in bulk. The 5G repellent lotion was being sold for $20 apiece before the website was taken down. Oh wait there is more, after the website was taken down it was being sold for $80 dollars on eBay which of-course lasted only for a few days.

Authorities stated that they were shocked by the reviews on the scam so called 5G Repellent Lotion. It’s shocking to see that people who bought this product thought that it was saving their lives from the danger of 5G towers. Wanna hear the funny part? The authorities got one can of this life saving 5G repellent lotion and took it to the lab. It turns out that it is just a very old Vaseline lotion mixed with very old sun screen. It’s sad how people would just believe in something silly like this and spend their money on something they have no clue about. If anything  that might give them cancer it is the anti-5G lotion not 5G towers. Ironic!

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A number of people around the around the world are joining the Anti-5G groups and destroying the 5G towers everyday. Facebook had even removed some of these groups after it’s members started participating in the destruction and burning of 5G infrastructure across the world.

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