Birmingham rushed with ‘Plenty of Cars’ after opening the lockdown


For the very first time after opening the lockdown in Birmingham, there were long queues of cars that appear outside tips in Birmingham in the morning.

The Four signals of the city were reopened at 11:00 BST at that time 150 cars appeared at one time by 08:00.

Birmingham City Council said, “residents should only go out to the waste centers when they needed” Otherwise residents should have to keep themselves in their homes.

As they already knew about this situation will happen after reopening the lockdown, they called the police to handle the traffic, which council said we already planned in advance.

The authority said The recycling sites were expected to be busy after reopening the lockdown, These places are located at Norris Way in Sutton Coldfield, James Road in Tyseley, Holford Drive in Perry Barr and Lifford Lane in Kings Norton.


Only one person is allowed to be in vehicles entering the signals by maintaining the social distance and those workers are not allowed who do not follow the rules, to help with waste disposal.

The council also said that the heavy traffic is not allowed at the sites including vans and trailers.

On Tuesday, councilor John O’Shea, cabinet member for street scene and parks, said that “We are looking for those residents who can use this  services wisely and patiently”.

He advised the community, “The normal services will be restored as soon as possible. I must state that the only concern is these sites is busy schedule. I recommend to the residents they must have to delay their visits unless of the case if they don’t have the second option”.

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In Manchester, this week recycling centers were reopened initially, even drivers are standing out there before ahead of opening times.

Since the coronavirus, some areas have reported a rise in fly-tipping came into force, leading to calls from MPs and councilors for tips to be reopened.

Reported by: BBC-News


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