McEnany says: Pence staffer tests Positive For Coronavirus


Another member of the white house tested positive for coronavirus COVID-19, Press secretory of white house  Kayleigh McEnany said on Friday 8th May that another member got positive for coronavirus test. A senior administration of white house secretory said that staffer test positive for coronavirus on Friday.

This is the second member of the white house who got coronavirus in recent days, This is the news came a day after the white house revealed that a person who is working with President Trump got positive for coronavirus. Trump valets test positive for the virus. McEnany said that “We have put in place the guidelines our experts have put forward to keep this building safe,” He also said we are following all the guidelines we are for a business that has essential for workers to make the necessary guidelines to get rid of the virus. As America response safely in this pandemic, white house members will also follow all the precautionary measures.

The president and other members who are close to the president are tested daily for coronavirus, An administration said that the person who gets positive have not shown any symptoms before. The person was tested yesterday and his test result was negative, he added.

Pence is traveling on Friday to meet with faith leaders to discuss about the reopening of worship houses, later he will meet with agriculture and food leaders that how to keep all the food chains secure. His flight on Friday morning delayed because of the staffer’s positive test for coronavirus. Officials said that person two got positive for the virus was not in a plane but those who are in contact with him have to go home and get tested.

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In March, another staff member tested positive for coronavirus, which was the first member of the white house who got positive for COVID-19.

Reported By Fox News.


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