During parliament mayhem the Lawmakers were carried out in Hong Kong.


The bill related to the extraction of the lawmakers would criminalize disrespect of the anthem including laughing during the anthem or not giving proper attention to the National Anthem.

Legislators were arguing over the leadership of a key committee during the whole process, which would certainly affect the bill’s progress.

One of the lawmakers was carried out, Eddie Chu. He told the BBC that if Hong Kong was a democracy or if the country followed democracy in even any particular scenario, we would not need to start scuffles like this because all of our issues would be solved without raising any concern.

He also added that unfortunately the lawmakers are forced into this situation bu the government. And according to him, he can foresee more fights within the chamber and outside the chamber which will be related to democracy or self-rule.

The chaotic scenes which happened during the anthem highlighted the deep divisions in Hong Kong, which is a special administrative region of China, and having such chaos in such a major area will result in regional chaos later on.

Although last year’s street protests died down during the pandemic because everybody feared his life more than any campaign building but some demonstrations are expected to resume the chaos and they are planning to come out on the streets again.

It’s the second time in recent days there have been scuffles in the Legislative Council by the lawmakers and according to the conservators and experts, if this chaos isn’t stopped and if the lawmakers aren’t kept quiet then this will result in dangerous and unfavourable outcomes.

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