Zuckerberg takes charge as Facebook will delete all the misinformation related to the virus.


He said in an interview that even if something isn’t going to lead to imminent physical harm still he doesn’t want misinformation to be the content that is going viral on such a big platform.

He said that he has removed the news related to Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro’s claim that scientists had “proved” there was a coronavirus cure.

This was removed because it was “obviously” a piece of false news that was getting viral.

He also added that Facebook had removed the content of misinformation from groups claiming that the rollout of the 5G digital network was a cause of the spread of the virus which was wrong and in some cases encouraged those who believed that to damage the network’s physical infrastructure would be their new job.

Facebook has also recently removed content of misinformation from former broadcaster and conspiracy theorist David Icke who was claimed for repeatedly violating the platform’s policies on harmful misinformation.

Mr. Icke had suggested that 5G mobile phone networks are linked to the spread of the virus and in another video, he suggested a Jewish group was behind the virus which is straight away an agenda against race.

Mr. Zuckerberg said that we work with independent fact-checkers but due to the COVID outbreak, the fact-checkers have issued 7,500 notices of misinformation which has led to us issuing 50 million warning labels on different posts.

He said that he knows these are effective because 95% of the time, the users don’t click through to the content with a warning label but still 5% chances are present.

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However, Facebook has insisted on this that unless there was the prospect of real imminent harm, then the company would and should allow what he called the “widest possible aperture” for freedom of expression on the internet because it is harming the platform as well as the trust of people in them.


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