Facebook employees furious over Trump post

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The staff of Facebook has spoken out against the tech Giant’s decision upon the controversial post by US President Donald Trump last week ‘no need to remove’.

Mr. Trump shared his Tweeter views on Facebook as well about the sparked protest in Minneapolis that George Floyd’s death happened in police custody.

Twitter warned them that this content is inappropriate, called “justified violence” but Facebook said that its company policy, which is not violated. They were ashamed said by some of the staff members.

The president warned that when they start looting and shooting in the protest, he would take an action against them and also send in the National Guard.

On Facebook, the founder Mark Zuckerberg said that the post remains untouched, and also it didn’t violate company policy of provoking violence.

Some of the employees were protesting and leaving out of the office today just like a “virtual walkout”.

Mr. Zuckerberg says in the post that people have the authority to agree or disagree on everything and also they have the right to draw a line on us where we should have to stop, but I hope they can understand our overall philosophy is that to discuss issues on this open platform for everyone, especially at that time when the stakes are so high.

How the president Trump spoke about all this scenario, I totally disagree with him, but I know that people have their own minds and they should be able to see all this for themselves. Accountability demands to scrutinize facts and figures, especially for those who are in power.

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“Speak to Express, Silence to Deject”

On social media, there are several of the employees expressed their frustration at the decision and they were protesting against that.


Lauren Tan, a software engineer wrote. that Trump post was inciting violence on a platform that is used for socializing only, Facebook is not ready to take action on his violent post that makes me feel ashamed to work for such a company.

I am not agreeing with this that “Speak to Express, Silence to Deject”.


Facebook has given its context to the other suggestion that they should have made an exception to the policy.

We are trying harder as a company and industry, to stand with our Black community or as colleagues that they are not facing all the institutionalized societal violence alone we are with them also we take justice for them. David Gillis added, as a director in product design at Facebook.

According to Verge reports, most of the employees are using the internal messaging system just to try to raise their concerns.

Many staff members were feeling the pain and also recognized the pain of them, Facebook said.

We give full authority to our employees to speak openly when they disagree with the leadership. As we take the difficult decision upon the content ahead. Spokesperson said that we will be looking forward for their honest feedback.

Head of the tech at Enders Analysis Joseph Evans, said that the staff at tech firms do speak openly against their employers’ decisions. Google staff walked out on an occasion to protest against the firm’s treatment of women back in 2018. He said the key point of the appeal is that employees of the companies think their work can change the world in a better way,

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So the Tech giants should have to avoid the regulatory crackdowns, keep the focus on high profits, and attracting and retaining their highly-skilled staff members.

On Friday, Donald Trump spoke with Mark Zuckerberg on phone.

According to the Axios News Website that it was not in the noticed that what was the conversation between both of them but as per both of them statements that phone call conversation was productive.

“Racism doesn’t belong to us”

Today, Facebook announced that it will donate $10m, £8m to “efforts committed to ending racial injustice.”

On social media, the company said openly that we are standing with you at your difficult time, we hear you and we see you.

We stand with our Black community and racism doesn’t belong to us and all those who are working on to get justice in honor of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and also those who are not with us anymore their names will never be forgotten.

It is not clear yet that where the $10m will go and how it will be distributed among them.



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