From Brutality to Racism by the US, people finally spoke up “why they are protesting”


Since the George Floyd death occurred due to uncertain reasons as said by the US policemen, protests started across the US in almost every state by local citizens and especially by the non-citizens. African Americans who are living in America say that they do not feel safe in the country after the incident occurred as they feel that they are not a part of the country and that the policemen can kill them anytime.

In this extreme chaos where everyone has his reasons for his actions, the citizens also spoke up in a recorded video and told the media about why they are protesting and why they are burning the country down.

The black people sole up without any hesitation and said that they wanted justice on George Floyd and on every other African American who died without any reason. They added up by saying that ” We are passionate and we are passionate people and we will not stop until justice is provided”.


People raised banners bashing President Donald Trump and banners had written “We Want Justice” written on them. A lady also said that if she stepped back the US policemen will become more powerful and nobody could ever stop them so for that she has to stand in the protest and play her part. It was also been noticed that the people think that George Floyd’s case into the spotlight because of coincidence and in reality hundreds of people are dying form the US police brutality which goes unnoticed so through protests every person who faced injustice by the police will get justice.

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Another 30 years old man said that “I’m a part of the protest because I’m just tired of hearing about the black man’s death and every day when I wake up another black man, is dead” he also added by saying that ” I’m just afraid of being stopped by the cops on any sunny day”.

People are addressing this issue to the past by taking it back to independence times when the whites flushed out the blacks and the red Indians, they believe that America has never changed when it comes to discrimination and the country will keep doing so if they are not stopped by mutual protests.


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