George Floyd protest – Matthew Rupert arrested for throwing explosives on officers

George Floyd

Illinois boy has attended a George Floyd protest in Minneapolis so the Federal prosecutors have arrested him during the protest. He recorded himself when he was throwing explosives and saying we came to riot.

28-yr-old Matthew Lee Rupert, who lives in Galesburg, as prosecutor described him that he has a distinctive gold tooth. On Monday, he was charged with civil disorder and also he carried out to riot and possessions with unregistered destructive devices.

In Minnesota, prosecutors said that they have evidence against him that he participated in the George Floyd protest which was in Minneapolis on Friday, after traveling from Illinois.

They said about the video which was shot by him, and also he posted that video on his Facebook account. The video at the protest was more than two hours long.

In the video, it clearly shows that Rupert passes out explosives on law enforcement officers, and also he encourages to others to keep throwing these explosives on the officers. From all those explosives attacks, the property damages actively, the fire was burst out on the buildings and also in Minneapolis, loots the businesses, according to the complaint.

According to the Rupert stated at the time of stamp 5:11 that we came to riot.

Quoted by the complaint Rupert saying that light that bitch and throw it at them to another person and that person lit a device and throw it in the direction of the officers.

On Sunday, the complaint said that Rupert posted more videos on his Facebook account also he was seen around the Chicago area.

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The complaint says that he heard his voice by saying those words, Let’s start a riot and I am going to start doing some damage.

A black man, Floyd died on May 25 due to the white Minneapolis police officer pressed his knee on Floyd’s neck. In the meanwhile, Floyd said to the officer that he couldn’t breathe and was handcuffed as well. All the arrested scenario was recorded by a bystander and viewed all across the world. After this horrible incident of Floyd’s death, In Minneapolis started to protest all around the country, some of them become violent.

On Monday, according to the medical examiner, that Floyd’s death happened due to compression of his neck, he couldn’t breathe and his heart stopped working as police restrained him by his knees.

The Rupert is facing the same charges as of US civic leaders who claim if any trouble in their community is due to the outsider keep on coming in their community. In Minnesota, Gov. Tim Walz said that most of the outsiders were responsible for violence in the protest. In Minnesota, they arrested a lot of people and take them in their custody, after that they were sent back from where they came from.

On Sunday, Rupert was arrested by the Chicago police for violating a curfew. According to the officers, they found him with a lot of destructive devices, a hammer, a heavy-duty flashlight, and cash in his vehicle.

On Monday, Rupert appeared in the Chicago federal court for a hearing, and also he faces the charges elected on him to moved to Minnesota.

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