As time passes, the protests are not slowing down but the violence is!


The protests that started after the George Floyds death are not getting slow or reducing with time but after Trump threatens the citizens about engaging the army, the violence overall has been reduced to a great extent. People, however, are still protesting but the violence is reduced and now the protestors are not causing any damage to the materialistic things such as looting shops and burning tires.

Since the protests started tens of thousands of people have demonstrated and participated in it, mainly peacefully or getting destructive at the very least factor, across the United States for an eighth night as well.

One of the biggest protests in these times, joined by Floyd’s relatives as well, took place in his hometown of Houston, Texas.


Many defied curfews in several cities, imposed after violence and looting in some districts on Monday night but not anymore.

In central Washington DC, police fired tear gas late into the night that too when the situation went out of control and people started causing damage.

The military was again on the streets of the capital and helicopters hovered above protesters marching towards the White House as the President was dumped in the trunk and it was noticed that the protestors can harm the White House as well.

The Floyd case has reignited deep-seated anger over police killings of black Americans and racism and people from all around the country stood up asking for justice no matter what.

Demonstrators have taken to the streets, not only to express their outrage at the treatment of Mr. Floyd but to condemn police brutality against black Americans more widely because according to people this is something relate to the past and now people are unable to tolerate it anymore.

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Many road blockages were also experienced during the process as traffic was blocked in New York’s Manhattan district as protesters ignored a night-time curfew, which had been extended for a week now but people are not coming any time slowly. Video footage showed them surrounding a police van which also demonstrates that people are fearless now.

In Houston city, where Floyd is due to be buried, Mayor Sylvester Turner, told the crowds people should know that he did not die in a vain.

Further details on his burial are also been released by a few sources.


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