‘He will never see her grow up’ George Floyd’s wife burst into tears while addressing the Press.

george floyd's wife

Where George Floyd left everyone crying there he also left his wife and a little angel daughter as well who will always remember the incident and brutality which happened with his father.

In a press conference conducted by his wife, she told the media and everyone that her daughter will always have this hole in her heart and that her husband and father of her daughter, George Floyd will never be able to see her grow up.

George Floyd’s wife delivered her words very emotionally and finally burst into tears. She said that at the end of the protests and at the end of the day the officers will go home to their family but it does not have a father”. All that his wife cared about was her daughter and said that she is an orphan now and all this is because of the brutal officers.

She said that her father would never see her grow up or graduate or even if she is having a problem in which she needs her father, there would be no one to help her. The police officers have caused a damage that will never be repeated but can be cured a bit of justice is provided. It is the fire that is not only burning America but also her heart will be cooled down a bit after the President provides justice.

George Floyd’s wife said that “I’m here for my baby and I’m here for George because I want justice for him, I want justice for him because he was good no matter what anybody thinks”

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She also pointed towards her daughter and said that this is proof that George was a good man.


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