Black jobs, crime and poverty; What has Trump done for the Black Community?

After the death of George Floyd as protests continue across the US,  President Donald Trump has said he’s done more for the black community than any of the Presidents till now. This statement has aroused a lot of questions as now people are demanding proof of what he has done till now which he claims on the media.

He said in a tweet that he has delivered the least unemployment rate in his presidency period.

The African-American unemployment rate reached below 16.7% in April this year and this is recorded as the highest since March 2010.

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It’s spiked sharply because of the huge impact of the coronavirus crisis on the US economy but why the black community is facing more disasters than the white community? And this has disproportionately affected African-Americans and their unemployment rate is two percentage points higher than the overall figure which means that justice has never been provided.

But it’s worth depicting that it went as low as 5.5% in September last year but the lowest figure recorded since the US Department of Labor started collecting these statistics in the 1970s, but again by keeping in mind the situation, the black community is still a loss.

While looking and examining history In 2018, according to the latest data available, the African-American poverty rate was 20.8% which is the lowest on record till now and beating the previous year, since the official count began in the 1960s and it continued like this, it will fall more below with time.

That represents 8.9 million African-Americans in poverty and this is according to the US Census Bureau.

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Another major issue with the black community is the issue related to crime which is hard to answer with any certainty.

There are crime statistics gathered by the FBI as well but there isn’t comprehensive data categorized by race off course.

Violent crime overall has fallen under President Trump luckily by continuing a trend which started after a peak in 1991 or so.


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