Kendall Jenner criticised for former ‘Pepsi Commercial’ when all America protest against Police Brutality in George Floyd death

Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner received a strong message from her fans.

After the death of George Floyd, protesters start the protest all across the country. The actress is slammed for her participation in a commercial that shows a cultural violation in a time when people are protesting for human rights violations.

In 2017, Pepsi made a commercial and hired in that Jenner but that commercial was widely denounced from everywhere and also immediately pulled from TV. In that Ad, Jenner throws her blonde wig and before joining the protest she spread all lipstick on her face and to grab banners featuring the peace sign. Other than the protesting she takes a Pepsi can in her hands and waves over the police officer as offering peace while the crowd cheers behind her. After seeing the response from her the cop smiled.

kendall Jenner

At that time Jenner was supported her family’s hit show called “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” Filmed in real-time, it showed that supermodel was regretting with treas of her participation.

Jenner said on the camera that I just felt so f–king stupid, I offend other people and also that’s not my intention to hurt other people.

Pepsi apologized and also regret putting Kendall Jenner in this situation.

In America, protesters continue their protest in the streets for justice, so Jenner’s Pepsi controversy has revolved all around, with many accusing her of sitting in her California home and failing to speak out rather than marching.

One of the users tweeted that Kendall Jenner is a true loser, she has no talent because in the current events she remained kept silent but one of the biggest culture vultures alive.

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Was the Kendall Jenner police brutality Pepsi queen? criticized the star on her, but after all this, she is still silent.

Another noted that Jenner’s been really silent lately.

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Scribed another person, with ‘THE AUDACITY’ “she has done this commercial just for money but the Kendall Jenner is completely silent on all these comments passing by her or also at that moment she kept silent when her platform actually could do some good?

Other fans compared Jenner’s alleged lack of involvement with other A-list stars in the present day’s protests to who have been photographed walking side by side with demonstrators.

One person pointed out that when she is doing that Pepsi commercial the rest of others’ stars in which includes Ariana Grande, Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, and Halsey were all protesting.

In recent days, one of the people reacted to Jenner’s Pepsi handoff to police. On Twitter, that photo went viral where shows a man offering a line of cops a bottle of soda.

A fan shared the photo and also wrote on it that Trust me we all tried.

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Jenner did not respond to anyone to the social media backlash and a rep for the model did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment.

According to her social media accounts clearly shows that she has made some statements regarding the recent events grappling the nation.

She wrote on her Instagram that this is for everyone who is reading and to my self, keep searching, reading, and educating yourself on how we can become better allies. In the past few days, I was so depressed and also my heart is so heavy. I am angry and hurt like so many because I am also human just like you. On a daily basis how the black community goes through with the pain and fear,  personally I will never understand. Also, I know that nobody should have to live in constant fear.

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Jenner went on to say that raging on platforms is just not enough to repair the system.

In the last, she said that We need to take real action, off of social media. This is a time to avoid all those uncomfortable conversations with people and also mainly with ourselves. we must also make sure we are ready to vote when the time comes to select the right people into office. One of the biggest truth speaks loudest that BLACK LIVES MATTER. May George Floyd’s soul rest in peace and all victims of this horrible injustice.




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