Pandemic, Economic loss and now the Burning America, What is the actual reason behind the fall of US?


According to the reports and the overall situation of the US, despite being defined by race, American society does not spend much time analyzing the history of their racial divisions or division in terms of employment, and America prefers to believe in the inevitable progression towards racial equality because this somehow has become a part of their norms and traditions.

Examining the history the election of Barack Obama in 2008 fed into this narrative of progress, but Donald Trump’s presidential victory in 2016 was seen as a step backward in relative to Barack Obama, coming after a campaign with a slogan that championed America’s divisive past as a form of progress as well with time.

Floyd’s death leading to the turning of America now appears to be the tipping point for an exhausted, racially divided nation still in the throes of the coronavirus pandemic and the economic cost that followed the pandemic.


Every second US citizen is jobless and all the blacks are on the road for protests. Things are nowhere to be seen to cool down rather the chaos is just exceeding with time.

Floyd’s words reminded Americans of the oppressive past starting from the day of independence and that they work to forget regardless of whether it is six years ago, 60 years ago, the 1860s, or 1619 when some of the first slaves arrived in America the situation has been the same since then.

To a large extent from past America’s neglect of the past and belief in progress has left many Americans unaware of the severity and scope of their racial tensions until now, and as a result, many Americans lack the words to articulate their current turmoil because they have been sitting quietly since forever. Now in the need of time, they have used the word ethnocide which means the destruction of culture while keeping the people and to describe the US’s past and present racial tensions with just a clause, and this language also helps articulate the uniqueness and inequality of America’s race problem.

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