Police Officer at George Floyd Protest comforting a young Black Girl with her Question “Are you Gonna Shoot us Too?”

Police officers

On Tuesday, during the George Floyd death protest, a Houston police officer was caught on tape comforting a little child.

On Twitter, child father whos’ name Simeon Bartee make all the video and also posted the footage on Twitter along with the written message,

In Huston, yesterday during the protest that among all the officers one the police officer noticed that my daughter is crying. On Wednesday, he tweeted, that she asked from him, Are you gonna shoot us after heard the little girl words he got into the knee and wrapped her in his arm and responded.

Bartee said his 5-year-old daughter Simone, asked the police officer that if she and her family could protest so the police officers were going to shoot her.


The officer replier to her that we are here to protect and save you. We are not here to hurt you at all. OK? Without breaking anything you are free to do anything, whatever you want to, You can protest, you can party.

When Bartee spoke with ABC’s Houston affiliate KTRK about the encounter, After seeing the kindness of the officer he says thanked him and for giving him a glimpse of what good law enforcement can look like.

He said that we have dealt with a lot of pain after this incident and it’s kind of gone full circle for me now. I just want to thank you for seeing me the different side of police officers, the good police officers are still exist in this world. Simone told her father that the police officer she talked to is also a father just like her father.

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In addition, He said that she looked upon me and said I didn’t know that officers had kids.






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