Police Reforms make it ‘Mandatory’ for NYPD to “Public” Body Camera Footage in 30 Days!

police department reforms

Now the time period of 30 days is hand out to the New York Police Department (NYPD) in which they will have to make public body camera footage showing shootings and other instances when force is used. These footages will record any instance leading to injury or death occurrences.  .

Mayor Bill de Blasio announced as of Tuesday, it is mandatory for the NYPD that they must release the body camera footage within 30 days of an incident. The Democrat mayor welcome this move as an additional step toward police reform. This decision is taken just one day after he dissolved the NYPD’s 600-person plainclothes anti-crime unit.


According to the Mayor we believe in transparency and having body-worn cameras are only as powerful as the transparency that comes with them. With this new reform it is a good thing for everyone involved. We need people’s trust and when people see this kind of transparency, it will build trust.”

These renewed calls for police reforms and budget cuts nationwide are because of racial tensions in the wake of the recent deaths of George Floyd and Rayshard Brooks, among other black Americans.

Police Commissioner Dermot Shea, was not present for Tuesday’s announcement. He was a regular participant in de Blasio’s news conferences earlier in the month. He held a separate news conference on Monday to reveal news regarding the anti-crime unit.

police reforms

The Mayor continued explaining, Commissioner Shea and I have talked for a long time about the necessary reforms the NYPD should go through. This planning consists of a span for literally six and a half years, about all the changes needed in this department. Now as we all planned so we’ve been steadily implementing them. These reforms should work and we will find out about this that it will work very soon. These reforms are a doorstep to bring community and police closer together so we help each other to fight crime in a better way.

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No immediate response on Fox News’ request for comment on the new body camera policy was entertained by NYPD spokesperson.

NYPD choice on when it made the videos public is overturned by this announcement regarding body cameras. This announcement came a day after the nation’s largest police department dissolved a plainclothes anti-crime unit. This unit was long criticized for its aggressive tactics.



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