Twitter suspends Katie Hopkins permanently permanently.

katie hopkins

According to the social media giant, Katie Hopkins was basically a controversial commentator. And she has been permanently suspended from Twitter for violating its hateful conduct policy of which she was well aware.

Katie Hopkins had more than one million followers on her Twitter account and she was previously suspended in January for a week but when her account over went suspension after a week, she again violated the laws and time twitter has suspended her account permanently.

But Twitter said her latest ban is permanent and this time they will not allow her back to the formal social platform. The social network did not say actually which Ms. Hopkins had posted in a tweet and she tweeted as a result in the ban.

The tweet stated that keeping Twitter safe is a top priority for us while abusing and hateful conduct have no place on our service and they said that twitter will continue to take action when their rules are broken. Also, it doesn’t matter if who is breaking the rules but the rules are for everyone.

The cited hateful conduct policy bans the promotion of violence of any type such as hateful speech, any sort of discrimination or unethical video or image uploading including direct written attacks and threats on other people, based on a wide range of personal characteristics such as race, gender or sexual orientation which harms the respect, character, and dignity of the other person.

Ms. Hopkins is well-known for both her media appearances and controversial right-wing viewpoints but now she won’t be able to write any more on this very platform.

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