Police remove protesters who tried to take down a statue of Andrew Jackson near the White House

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On Tuesday, Law enforcement officers removing the several tents of protestors who tried to take down a statue of Andrew Jackson near the White House. So the protesters were encamped and leading to a tense confrontation between police and demonstrators. Where the protesters protest over the death of George Floyd that park actually located across Pennsylvania Avenue from the White House.

Tuesday morning, after pushing back protesters and chanting “move back, move back. Police appeared to enter a standoff with the protestors, not allowing demonstrators or bystanders through. Police were seen in line surrounding the plaza and also with three surrounding streets.

Before the night, protesters had tried to take down a statue of Andrew Jackson near the White House while attempting to carve out a Seattle-style autonomous zone. the protestors called that zone with the name of “Black House Autonomous Zone. On Tuesday, police moved protesters out and cleared the area near Lafayette Square and St. John’s Episcopal Church.

Mayor Muriel Bowser helped in the initial of this month by giving the name of this area “Black Lives Matter Plaza” which is in the north of the White house. The protests happen over the death of George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis police custody.

Meanwhile, D.C. Metropolitan Police Department has arrested two people on Monday who was involved in the demonstrations in Washington. This is not clear yet that law enforcement made any arrests on Tuesday morning.

On Tuesday morning, President Trump warned protesters who damage federal property that they could be arrested and imprisoned. Also by giving the statement to Fox News, the state leaders should have to be tough and take strict action on those who seek the destruction of historical monuments.

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Trump said that plenty of states are weak and also people are so weak so that’s why they are allowing to happen.

As long as I am your president, in Washington, D.C that there will never be an “Autonomous Zone”. Trump tweeted on Tuesday If they try they will be met with serious force!


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