Facebook’s boycott ad is being joined by thousands including Ben and Jerry.

This sort of practice is actually a part of the Stop Hate For Profit campaign and the campaign calls on Facebook to have stricter measures against racist and hateful content published on the site.

So accordingly Ben and Jerry’s Tweeted that it will pause all paid advertising on Facebook and Instagram in the US for any such hateful and discriminatory content.

Earlier this week many others stated the same and joined the boycott ad.

Ben and Jerry’s said that it is standing with the campaign and with all those who are calling for Facebook to take stronger actions to stop its social platforms from being used to divide our nation by disseminating hate content and suppressing voters, foment and fan the flames of racism and violence which is truly unethical and undermine our democracy as well.

boycott ad

Right after the death of George Floyd in police custody a few months ago Ben and Jerry’s chief executive Matthew McCarthy said for the death of a black man the business should be held accountable first of all as he set out plans to increase diversity and this incident is causing a loss to them.

Earlier this week the freelance job listing platform and one of the greatest freelance websites Upwork and the open-source software developer Mozilla also joined the campaign which gave the campaign great importance and credibility.

Facebook has also said that it was committed to advancing equity and racial justice and will not entertain any such hateful content.

It said on Sunday that they are taking steps to review their policies in order to ensure diversity and transparency when making decisions on how they can apply our policies and how they can advance racial justice and voter engagement on our platform.

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This specific statement also pointed to the company’s overall Community Standards, which includes the recognition of the platform’s importance as a place where people feel empowered to communicate among other people and they take seriously our role in keeping abuse off the service.


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