New research states that the Robot Scientists will speed up discovery around the Globe.


The research was held by scientists at the University of Liverpool. They have unveiled a robotic colleague that has been working non-stop in their lab throughout lockdown starting from the end of March 2020.

The £100,000 programmable researcher learns from its results to refine its experiments and has brought into light many facts.

According to one of the developers who is named Benjamin Burger it can work autonomously, so they can run experiments from home related to the robots.

Such technology could make scientific discovery efficient, a thousand times faster, and error-free.

A new report by the Royal Society of Chemistry lays out a post-COVID national research strategy by using robotic technology and artificial intelligence along with advanced computing as part of a suite of technologies which according to them must be urgently embraced so that to help socially distancing scientists continue their search for solutions to global challenges.

According to the research the robot scientists is currently embarking on a series of tests to find a catalyst that could speed up the reaction that takes place inside solar cells so that the future could hold ease for people.

But according to Prof Andy Cooper, it is said that the materials scientist who has put the robot to work in his lab can be used in the fight against Covid-19.

“COVID, climate change – there are lots of problems that really need international co-operation. So their vision is that they might have robots like this all across the world connected by a centralized brain that can be anywhere around us. They haven’t done that yet – this is the first example – but that’s absolutely what they’d like to do.”

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