Call of Duty Mobile DOWN: iOS/Android app crashing after Season 8 Update

CALL of Duty Mobile’s inactivity reports are flooding right now, and COD fans say the iOS app is freezing, not working, or not opening after the release of the Season 8 update.


Inactive reports of Call of Duty Mobile are on the rise and COD fans on iOS say the app crashes, doesn’t work or doesn’t open after the release of the Season 8 update.

The independent outage monitor fault detector has seen an increase in inactive Call of Duty reports, while Twitter is full of tweets on the mobile COD app that doesn’t work.

PlayCODMobile’s Twitter is full of messages on Call of Duty Mobile that don’t work after the release of the main update of season 8.

A COD Mobile fan tweeted: “@PlayCODMobile crashes and freezes only for iOS devices? #CoDMobile #CoD.”

Another posted: “@PlayCODMobile #CoDMobile is blocking !!”

One added: “So I can’t get into the game, it kicks me off @PlayCODMobile.”

And another wrote: “@PlayCODMobile My app keeps crashing … I’ve already uninstalled the game, I’m using iPad 2018”.


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