America rejects United Nation rights for Access to abortions during pandemic

US Us Abortion

The United States responded on Wednesday to a UN statement. The women’s rights panel said some US claims limited access to abortions during the COVID-19 pandemic, rejecting their interference and the idea of ​​”an alleged right to abortion.”

“This is a perversion of the human rights system and the founding principles of the United Nations,” he said, citing one August. 11 letter he sent to the UN. Experts responding to “false accusations”.US Us Abortion

On May 27, the United Nations Working Group on Discrimination Against Women and Girls said that some US states “appear to be” manipulating the COVID-19 crisis to restrict access to essential abortion care. ”

The jury of five U.N. Experts said states such as Texas, Oklahoma, Alabama, Iowa, Ohio, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Tennessee have issued COVID-19 emergency orders suspending procedures that were not immediately deemed medically necessary to limit the access to abortion.

“This situation is also the latest example to illustrate a pattern of restrictions and setbacks in access to legal assistance for abortion across the country,” said Elizabeth Broderick, the panel’s vice president at the time.

The United States. The statement cited allegations of forced abortion and sterilization in China’s western Xinjiang region and urged the group to focus on “real human rights violations.”
The lack of commentary on these issues was “one of the reasons why the United States and other countries increasingly view the UN human rights system as completely broken.”

WE. President Donald Trump, who is calling for re-election in November, works closely with evangelical Christians and places their causes of abortion limitation and gun ownership preservation at the top of his political agenda.

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Source: Reuters


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