Galaxy Note 20 Ultra teardowns: It shows two different cooling solutions

The Galaxy Note20 Ultra at iFixit has fallen into the hands of experts and takes a look at the past of Samsung’s flagships.

If the ultra-wide camera doesn’t draw you in from the outside, it’s clear from the inside that Samsung takes up a lot of space to accommodate multiple cameras. Even iFixit says: “It is interesting that the Ultra [Galaxy Note 20] Ultra allocates additional space for its camera modules.” Samsung does its best to make all the lenses look the same, but in fact, the 108 MP center sensor is much larger than the wide-angle sensor, and the lower periscope camera has an even larger side mount.

Multiple cameras have become a near-mandatory marketing tool in the smartphone industry, but I’m sure users will get their money’s worth. Each main component of smartphones adds other functions or additional battery capacity (see: Headphone jack argument). Samsung and other manufacturers have more room to play with a single camera.

It’s Time for Galaxy Note 20 Ultra teardowns:

Galaxy Note 20 Ultra teardowns


Speaking of the optional components that make up a ton of part, the X-ray shows us how much space the S-Pen branding has within the device. To create storage space for the stylus, you have to lower the battery horizontally, and if you compare the Note 20 Ultra to the S20 Ultra, you can see that the S-Pen has a battery of around 500 mAh.
Another interesting point from this report is that Samsung offers twice the cooling solution as the Note 20 Ultra. Some devices have a copper vapor chamber, while others have graphite heating pads, and no one has exactly installed this on the device so far. Until now, there hasn’t been a claim for a better cooling solution than the other method, but Note 20 hasn’t been around in a long time.

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Samsung (and many other manufacturers) typically have dual-source components for high-volume smartphones. Samsung’s most popular examples are its SoC options, where European phones and some regional phones receive Samsung’s Exynos chips, while US and Chinese phones use Qualcomm chips. The provision of duplicate resources is not always limited to regions. Samsung has also been known to use camera sensors from Samsung and Sony intermittently and often uses dual-source battery power. Ideally, dual sources are not important at all, as the two parts are supposed to perform very similarly, while many of them are made to similar specifications. This does not always happen, as almost everyone knows that Samsung’s SoCs are inferior to Qualcomm’s and that Europe is running out of this deal.

iFixit isn’t happy with the overall build, which has a lot of glue to deal with during repairs. One of the most common repairs, screen replacement, is more difficult than it should be because the screen is one of the last components that can be turned off in a hotel. In terms of repair, this phone is 3 out of 10.

Source: iFixit



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