Katie Price Onlyfans she is all set to strip, looking to make millions.

The 42-year-old former model is ready to earn money from her new body after working in Turkey. Sun Online may reveal that it is seriously subscribing to the popular porn show to give fans the opportunity to view intimate content.

Her ex-husband Kieran Hayler is another celebrity who offers subscription services, as well as reality TV stars like Chloe Khan and Katie Salmon. Moreover, none other than Bella Throne joined Onlyfans.

Katie Price Onlyfans

A source told The Sun: “Kitty has seen how much money other stars have made from their OnlyFans accounts and she wants a piece of the action. That’s why she decided to open Katie Price Onlyfans account.

“Thanks to what she did in Turkey, she got the best body of her life and is desperate to show it off, and find an incredible income.

“She assured her friends that this would be her new investment and that she should throw it every day now, even with her legs in the cast, she still wants to feel sexy and make money,” he said. declared. . ”

Katie Price Onlyfans

“Considering Kitty’s immense popularity, she could easily have made a million from this new project,” added Khodi.

Sun Online has contacted Kitty’s representative for comment. OnlyFans is a London-based subscription content service that has only been around for four years. This has been attributed to the evolution of the sex industry, but some hosts have said that they are disappointed with the service.

The stars, including Lauren, entertained their fans with sexy instant shows on the show in an effort to generate some extra cash. Fans charge a fee of £ 3.90 per month for photos from their favorite creators – OnlyFans gets a 20% share of the cake.

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Katie Price Onlyfans

The site exploded when it closed, with a 42% increase in new accounts reported. Almost 100,000 English manufacturers on the site and 660,000 users worldwide, with 50 million users.


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