Lionel Messi Leaving Barcelona?? – Messi Tells Barcelona He wants out

Messi Leaving Barcelona

Lionel Messi wants to leave Barcelona – it’s very true. But if it is possible, given the current contract of the football star, it is messy. – Finally, Lionel Messi Leaving Barcelona

Messi today sent FC “Barcelona” bureaufax, the equivalent of certified mail, which requires the signature of the recipient, saying that he wants to leave and not play in the last year.


However, when Messi signed a contract extension in 2017, which hired him for the Camp Nou in the 2020-21 season – and made him the biggest football victory in the world on the field – a new exit clause was added. This allowed him to go in vain this summer, while he announced this decision until June 10, 2020, a date that club sources confirmed and which was later than previously publicly announced.

This date passed without a word from Messi, so, according to Barcelona, ​​the opportunity to leave for free is over. Barça say they are legally bound by a contract with the club until June 30, 2021.

The problem is now in the hands of Barcelona’s legal team, which was not available for comment. But the club’s official position is that Messi is not for sale and that any stakeholders will have to pay the full release amount of $ 828 million, which is a record in sports. Sources said they did not know of any offer from any other club for Messi at the time.

The news that Messi has asked to leave is no surprise after a rocky season at the Camp Nou, which included a break in the mid-season appointment of manager Quicke Seton, who resigned last week; a smear campaign against Messi and his wife, according to which she was called a club; and the turning point – the embarrassing loss of 8: 2 from Bavaria Munich, which prematurely stopped hopes for the Champions League Barchi. It was the first season in 12 years that Messi failed to win the trophy, the one for which he received a 70% reduction from the base payment – $ 11 million – after the coronavirus pandemic stopped the game for three months.

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Messi Leaving Barcelona

Barcelona is estimated at $ 4.02 billion, and few other teams can afford Messi’s high salaries, especially as clubs face a deficit of income, returning to play without fans in the stands amid the pandemic. But Manchester City and a meeting with manager Pep Guardiola became a clear favorite for Messi in the distance, according to ESPN. One hurdle: UEFA’s financial fair play rules, which were created in 2009 to prevent clubs from spending more than they earn and getting into financial trouble.

Owned by the city’s football group, which is largely owned by the Abu Dhabi royal family, Men City has recently seen the two-year ban on the Champions League be lifted; UEFA stated that the club violated the FFP rules by incorrectly providing a source of sponsorship income, violating the club’s licensing rules. According to the latest estimates, Manchester City earned $ 678 million in 2019 – a total of $ 72.6 million from the Champions League game when it reached the quarterfinals – and is the fifth most valuable football team in the world, the total cost of the franchise – almost 2.7 billion dollars

Barcelona plans to pay Messi $ 92 million next season, an amount that would help him become the fourth player to earn more than $ 1 billion in pre-tax career earnings. About a third of his salary comes in the form of performance incentives that the star has consistently earned, posting 12 consecutive seasons with at least 31 goals and scoring 700 career goals in June, joining Ronaldo as the only players active at this level. After 16 years, Messi’s name is at the top of all imaginary club records and 34 trophies for the team, including six La Liga and two Champions League titles. He has won the Ballon d’Or six times.

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Speaking to the press last week, Barça’s new manager Ronald Coman expressed hope that Messi would stay, saying: “He is the best player in the world and the best player in the world you want in your team; you don’t want him to play against you. ”

Source @ Forbes

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