Amazon Fresh Grocery Store – The first location of new chain of their Amazon grocery stores is open now

Amazon Fresh Grocery Store

Amazon is stepping into another Giant market with its first Amazon Fresh grocery store in California this week.

The store will offer a mix of national brand products such as Coca-Cola and Kraft mac and cheese, as well as Whole Foods brand products.

The store will also offer cashless payments for all buyers, as well as free delivery and same-day delivery for Amazon Prime members.

The new Amazon Grocery Stores is opening the first location of its new grocery store this week in Woodland Hills, California.

The new store, called Amazon Fresh, will open to Limited customers before allowing access to the general public.

Here’s a look inside the new store.

Amazon Fresh Grocery Store

Amazon said its new Amazon Fresh store will offer low prices for national brand products, as well as the private label Whole Foods, 365 Whole Foods Market.

The store will also offer store-prepared foods such as bread, made-to-order pizza, rotisserie chicken, and hot sandwiches.

Amazon Fresh Grocery Store
Buyers will have the option to use Amazon’s new Dash cart, which allows them to enter payroll.

“Customers simply put their luggage in the basket, connect using the Fresh QR code in the Amazon app, shop and review the Dash Cart to automatically complete their payment,” Amazon said in a blog post. “The cart uses a combination of computer vision and sensor fusion algorithms to identify the items in the cart.”

Amazon Fresh Grocery Store

The store will ask all employees and customers to cover their faces and provide masks to those in need.

The store will also require daily temperature checks for all employees and operates at 50% capacity.

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Amazon Fresh Grocery Store

A counter in the store will provide package pickups and returns for items purchased through

Customers can also pick up food orders online at this counter or park at a designated location to deliver their food to their vehicles.

Amazon Fresh Grocery Store

Amazon Fresh Store will offer free same-day delivery and pickup for Amazon Prime members.


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