Cardi B vs Melania Trump: Cardi B share Melania Trump Nudes on Twitter.

Cardi B vs Melania Trump

The Republican National Convention continued Monday night with a strange (and seemingly original) speech from First Lady Melania Trump, and while many Twitter users took to the podium to praise her closing remarks, some decided that they began to overshadow the obvious. rapper! but why?!

Showing love to FLOTUS is one thing, but it’s a completely different story when you have to shoot another woman to do it. As you can imagine, the 27-year-old star doesn’t appreciate being a part of this lineup!

Cardi B vs Melania Trump

It all started when DeAnna Lorraine, a political expert on the Islamic Republic, boldly tweeted that “America needs more women like Melania Trump and far fewer than Cardi B.” Well this politically intelligent artist, born Belkalis Marlenis Almanzar, sparked a fatal reaction and replied:

“Didn’t she used to sell that Wap?”


As you probably know, this is a reference to his single Wet A ** P *** and featuring Megan Tie Stalin, but he also shares a subtle reminder of Donald Trump’s wife during his He Was Naked. regularly. In the days of modeling, it seems that Melania is once again making himself known in the public mind while Brady is still chasing his anthem of female empowerment and sexy … Oriental, not too fast!

If this isn’t the first time you’ve encountered this problem, Offset’s wife shot Mrs. Trump again, claiming that she was no taller than any other critic or character because she had already embraced her femininity. Added this post in the follow-up tweet, wrote:

“This pic giving me ‘ yea you fuckin wit some wet ass p***y ‘ vibes …just saying”

If you want to see what Cardi B shared on her twitter. Click here to see the post.

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Make no mistake about it, we don’t seem to endorse shame in any way, although it’s interesting to see the blatant hypocrisy towards the two women on this matter. This ugly yellow artist, who explicitly endorsed John Biden and the Democratic presidency, and was replaced by his wife Camilla Harris, has certainly managed to stimulate his competition and all that we have. We have to say this, you’re lucky I’m not just talking about DNC. Some days ago!



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