Mike Pence Promises to Hold the ‘Thin Blue Line’, Standing with the Cops who shoot black men in the back

Republican National Convention - Day 3

Vice President Mike Pence, in his speech to the convention on Wednesday night, supported the police while also unreasonably warning that the Biden administration was not protecting the United States. Pence even invoked a line from American police mythology: that the police are a fragile obstacle to social order and rampant violence. “Under President Trump, we stood alongside those on the blue line,” Pence said. “We don’t want to ruin the police, not now or forever.”

Mike Pence

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Pence’s unwarranted support for the police was a slap in the face to American pain for justice and violent and discriminatory police reform. But the removal of the Pence movement from the Black Lives Matter movement was fully in line with the messages of the National Convention of the Islamic Republic, which sought to bypass the United States in addressing our most serious challenges, including not just systemic racism, but not just systemic racism. But ignore the virus outbreak and the worst recession since the Great Recession. .

Hurricane Laura is tearing across Louisiana, already killed 23 people in Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

Pence delivered his speech just days after an elderly man, Wisconsin police Roston Sheshaki, shot Jacob Black in the back seven times after a fight when the black father tried to get his sons to ride in his car. The Blake shooting sparked an uprising in Kenosha, as well as reactionary violence. Two protesters were shot and killed Tuesday night, allegedly by 17-year-old conscientious objector Kyle Rittenhaus, who is now charged with first-degree murder. Video footage shows police with Rittenhouse and other friendly-minded gunmen even giving them bottled water. After the shooting, police authorized Wright house to walk the streets of Kenosha in his AR-15s and leave the scene of the violence. Screenshots from Rittenhouse’s Facebook page include photos of him with the AR-15 and countless posts of “Living Life” symbolism, including the increasingly infamous black and white American flags with a blue stripe. visual to lose weight.

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Pence, who made no mention of the fight for racial justice, instead investigated Joe Biden for trying to fight the darkness of American discrimination. “America is a ‘racist system,'” says Biden. Pence later blamed Biden for his silence, “on the violence and chaos in cities across the country.” Pence was a supporter of the peaceful but orderly message of law and order. Taking a position on the statue, he said that all the numbers are in bronze. “Breaking statues is not freedom of speech,” Pence said. “Those who do will be fully prosecuted.”

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In deciphering the riots in Minneapolis, Portland and Connosha, Pence referred to the experience of black Americans and only insisted that the demands for police protection were unfounded. “The American people know that we do not have to choose between supporting the rule of law and supporting America’s African neighbors,” he said.

Pence reiterated his fearful comments about the social unrest that could arise under the new government, which does not promise to squander unlimited taxpayers’ budgets and allow them to evade responsibility. It was a dog whistle. The same shame that Republican politicians have called “law and order” since Barry Goldwater and Richard Nixon. It was a warning to white Americans that America’s racial hierarchy could collapse if brutal police were arrested.



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