Hurricane Laura is tearing across Louisiana, already killed 23 people in Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

Hurricane Laura

Hurricane Laura is moving through southwestern Louisiana as a Category 2 hurricane, and the National Hurricane Center is warning of increased “deadly” storms and widespread damage from heavy rain and winds.

Laura’s eye fell at 1 p.m. local time Thursday during a fourth-floor storm near Cameroon, Louisiana.

The latest National Storm Center (NHC) query, posted at 7 a.m., found that the wind speed had dropped to 100 mph, which means it is now a Category 2 storm.

Hurricane Laura

Some people in Louisiana who weren’t evacuated are lined up. Floods and damage to power lines and other infrastructure mean rescuers can try to reach them.

“People are in contact with the building, but there is no way to reach them,” Tony Gilroy, chairman of the police collective jury, told The Associated Press. ”

The 7 a.m. warning dropped some of the major NHC languages. The mounting storms were described as “deadly” rather than “unbearable”, and the winds were described as “damaging” rather than “violent”.

However, predictions of destruction on the US Gulf coast along with the forecast of severe storms will lead to the creation of 20-foot-long waters in some areas.

The storm accelerated rapidly as it neared the coast of the United States, going from Category 1 to Group 4 in one day.

The hurricane killed at least 20 people in Haiti and three in the Dominican Republic before reaching the United States, the Associated Press reported.

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The final council cautions that “hurricane-force winds and wind-forming storms are also expected to hit East Texas and West Louisiana this morning.”

According to the consultancy, flooding could reach up to 20 feet in the area between Johnson Bio and Rockefeller Wildlife Sanctuary, and up to 15 feet in the area between Rockefeller Wildlife Sanctuary and downtown.

Storm winds are said to extend 60 miles to the center of the storm.

Source: Insider


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