Another Cheap Shot By Donald Trump challenges Joe Biden to drug test before debate

U.S. President Donald Trump has asked himself and Democratic candidate Joe Biden to undergo drug tests before their first hearing next month. Trump told a Washington tester that he noticed a sudden improvement in Biden’s performance in Democratic televised debates. The president presented no evidence that his opponent could be traded except to say “I’m pretty good at these things.” Biden and Trump will hold three pre-election debates on November 3.

In 2016, Trump suggested that his then-Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton, be “encouraged” ahead of their discussions and challenged her to take a drug test before their last meeting on live television. The Clinton field put the challenge.

On Wednesday, the president, who is expected to speak at an ongoing Republican Party convention on Thursday, made a similar statement, claiming that Biden’s debating skills improved greatly during the final hearing.

What is Donald Trump’s position on key issues? Republicans are destroying the party platform. Trump said the former U.S. vice president “was not even consistent” during some of the 11 live television debates in which he faced off against a crowded group of contestants during the main season of Democracy.

At the time of the last debate on March 15, the domain was limited only to Mr. Biden and Vermont senator Bernie Sanders. Trump told an examiner in Washington: “I do not know how [Mr. Biden] could have been so incompetent in his debate views and then suddenly right against Bernie.”

Joe Biden’s media caption earlier this month: “Why the hell should I pass a cognitive test?” He added: “It was not it Winston Churchill because it was not, but it was a normal and boring discussion. “You know, nothing surprising happened. And we’re going to ask for a drug test because it’s not possible, you can not.”

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Trump said of the debates: “Well, it’s a prizefight. It’s no different than gladiators, but we have to use our minds and mouths. And our bodies to get up. I want everyone to stand up. They want it. Sit down.” The three presidential debates will be held in Cleveland, Ohio, on September 29; In Miami, Florida, Oct. 15; And Nashville, Tennessee, on October 22nd. Media caption Joe Biden: Will there be luck for the third time in 2020? Trump called for further discussions with Biden to be held, but the presidential deliberation committee refused. He, therefore, requests that the first hearing be held for the first time in favor of the first voters, again to no avail.

Source: BBC


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